Our Vision

Our vision is to reach people of all ages from all social and economic backgrounds for Christ. We want to be people who model

Christ. People who are actively pursuing and building friendships, looking for common interests, and motivated and compelled by

love. We desire to be people living with such joy and passion for Christ that God, by His Spirit, will draw others to Himself,

establishing His church for future generations.

Our Mission

To Worship God … privately, corporately, and single-heartedly.

To Cultivate Healthy Disciples … that are growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

  • Through clear and biblical teaching and application.
  • By connecting people in authentic community.
  • Through true fellowship that is centered in God’s Word and held together by His Spirit. It is always asking this vital question: What is God doing in and through our lives?
  • By emphasizing the habit of prayer as the vital link of communication in maintaining our relationship with God. Communication through prayer is the source of all we do or hope to accomplish in and through our lives.

To nurture, strengthen, and protect the Biblical model for marriage and the family … We believe marriage is a sacred covenant entered into between a man and a woman. Christians who make this covenant with one another have Christ at the center of this union to draw upon for strength and lasting permanence. We are committed to equipping and strengthening those whom God has joined together.

We are also here to assist in the equipping, training, and encouraging of parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility and privilege in the instruction and nurturing of the Christian faith in their children.

To equip and prepare God’s People

  • Through personal maturity…learning to walk in step with the Spirit. Growing in Christ-likeness.
  • Through gift recognition…helping each one recognize their spiritual gifts, strengths, and God-given natural abilities.
  • Through ministry application…providing opportunities to serve in the body of Christ as well as sending believers out to serve, proclaim, and bless a world in need of Christ.

To reach the world for Christ

  • Through personal obedience…bringing honor and glory to His name.
  • Through missions…locally and globally.
  • Through acts of service and compassion.
  • Through clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Holiness
  • Families
  • Multi-generational

Our Priorities

  • The Worship of God
  • The Word of God
  • The Work of God